Golden Guitar winner Matt Scullion has spent the last 20 years travelling Australia and the globe collecting stories and honing his craft as a Singer/Songwriter.

With songs recorded by the likes of Lee Kernaghan, Travis Collins, Amber Lawrence and Cold Chisel to name but a few- 18 of those going to NO 1, Matt’s finally taken the time out to write a couple for himself.

His latest offering “Aussie As” and first single off his soon to be released album on the 23rd sept was produced by Shane Nicholson and written with good mate Paul Grierson from acclaimed band “Simply Bushed”.
The song is a throw back to Matts youth but is also a celebration of where Australia is heading culturally.

Matt says living abroad and being away for long periods has really given him a greater perspective of his home. It’s like the Eucalypt smells sweeter, the Kookaburras laugh louder and the Aussie lingo is thicker. You tend to take those simple things for granted until you miss them.

Check out “Aussie As” below or pre-order the new album here!