Matt was raised in the quiet picturesque farming town of Milton/Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast. Matt started in his first band “Phantasy” when he was 16 with three other local aspiring Musicians- Adam Thomas, Gavin Thompson and Regan Venning and together they slayed every Birthday party, surf club and Friday night pub they could get a booking in.

Matt moved up to Sydney when he was 19 and quickly found his groove playing in numerous bands and enrolled in an audio engineering coarse which opened his eyes and ears to the art of studio recording.

But the “Top End” of Australia beckoned and Matt along with John Roodhenrys in there newly formed duo “Dark Horse” followed the white line up to Darwin where Matt would spend the next 12 years on and off in a series of different bands- including “Bronwyn Bishops Love Children” (with golden tonsils Doug Corby), Tanami and Klunk to name a few.

In this time Matt got his first taste of Nashville when in-between bands he took the long flight over to the US of A to chase his Country Music dreams. Matt was left with a sweet Tennessee taste in his mouth and set his sights on living in Music City one day.

The stars hadn’t quite lined up yet for Matt and once again he hit the road and headed south to Australia’s Country Music capital Tamworth on the advice of a good mate and Writing mentor “Tony Sargeant”. He found his feet pretty quickly and his Songwriting reached new heights with his first couple cuts on Indian cowboy “Bobby Cash’s” new album thanks to producer and friend “Lawrie Minson”. Around this time Matt released his first self tilted EP and was signed to his first Record/Publishing deal.

With the success of that Matt recorded a fully blown 13 track album with “Matt Fell” at Love HTZ studios. The CD “Put It Down To Experience” got Matt a better Record deal and spawned 4 top 20 singles including the infectious “Giddy Up” which reached number 2 on the charts and was picked up for the “Paul Hogan” movie “Charlie & Boots” where Matt also had a cameo appearance.

While on tour Matt met one of his Musical inspirations ‘Lee Kernaghan” who invited Matt to a Writing session with him and legendary Producer “Garth Porter”.
This was definitely a life changing moment for Matt as he went onto to Write dozens of Songs with Lee and to date has had 18 Songs, over 3 albums, with 4 number 1 hits on Lees records.

It also opened the doors for Matt to Write with other established artists and at last count Matt has had over 90 songs cut by the likes of Cold Chisel, Adam Harvey, O’Shea, Sara Storer, The Wolfe Brothers, Viper Creek Band, Longreef, Steve Forde, Paul Costa and Jayne Denham to name but a few. Matt has also been nominated for 2 APRA Song of the year awards and 4 Golden guitars.

After endless tours and umpteenth radio interviews Matt felt it was time to pack up his guitar and laptop and head back to Nashville where he spent the last 4 years slowly but surely carving out a name for himself in “Music City”. He is now back in Australia for the next chapter.